Custom Pallets

While standard sized pallets work for many businesses, there are cases where custom pallets are a better choice. A pallet designed specifically for your needs will allow you to maximize space since they are created to your exact specs. You may even be able to lower your packaging costs due to our custom pallets providing just the right support for your products.

Here’s How the Process Works


Give us a call

Let us know what needs to be shipped. Our experts can help you figure out which size and material will work best.


We get to work

Let our design team custom build your pallets to your exact requirements. Because we have an on-site mill, we can create them quickly, so there’s minimal lag time between order and delivery.


We ship your pallets fast

We deliver your pallets on-time, Monday through Friday. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Call us anytime for a free estimate.

We can help you find the right pallet for your needs. Call us at (708) 424-2306.

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Built to spec,
for your industry

Pallets for every kind of business. That’s what we offer. From food to furniture, logistics to electronics, we offer a variety of pallets to accommodate your needs.

We produce:

  • New and recycled pallets
  • Heavy-duty pallets
  • Custom Coil pallets

Fast & Affordable

Need it tomorrow? No problem. We specialize in next-day orders.

Custom Solutions

No two businesses are alike. Our service are tailored to your specific challenges and needs.

Impeccable Service

We pride ourselves on five-star service. We don't rest until you’re satisfied.