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In addition to new, recycled, and custom-built pallets, Rapid Pallets offers a wide range of services from pallet treatment and landscaping products to pick-up and delivery.

Heat and
Fumigation Treatments

Wooden pallets must be heat-treated to stay in compliance with ISPM 15, a regulation developed to prevent international transport and spread of disease and insects. While the heat treatment process was designed for pest control, it also makes pallets more resistant to fungi and other organisms that contribute to wood rot. While fumigation is also an option, we find heat-treated pallets safer for our customers and us.

Heat Treated


Need something other than a standard pallet?

We design and ship custom pallets fast.

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Pallet Repair and Recycling

Not quite ready to give up on your used pallets? Let us perform some simple repairs to extend the life of your inventory. If you’re ready to recycle your pallets, we’ll pick them up and bring them back to our warehouse.

Pick-up and Delivery

With on-time delivery during the week, it couldn’t be easier for you to receive your pallets. Serving Illinois and surrounding areas, Rapid Pallets offers a wide range of services, including trailer drop-off and broken and scrap pallet pick-up.

Fast & Affordable

Need it tomorrow? No problem. We specialize in next-day orders.

Custom Solutions

No two businesses are alike. Our service are tailored to your specific challenges and needs.

Impeccable Service

We pride ourselves on five-star service. We don't rest until you’re satisfied.

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