Mulch and Wood Shavings

At the end of the pallet production process, we often find ourselves with an excess of scraps and leftover wood. Since sustainability is such an important part of our business, we turn these byproducts into something just as useful—mulch and wood shavings. Both of these materials are widely used in landscaping, construction, and home improvement projects, and are readily available at Rapid Pallets.

Why buy mulch
from Rapid Pallets?

In addition to being low-maintenance and cost-effective, mulch from shredded wood infuses valuable organic nutrients into the soil. At Rapid Pallets, we source our mulch from trees slated to be cut down in the Chicagoland area. We use many types of woods and rich, high-quality dyes to create custom mulch colors to match different landscapes. We also offer delivery from Monday-Friday, or customers are welcome to pick up mulch from our facility in Bridgeview.

Mulch Types

At Rapid Pallets, we use a range of high-quality woods to create the right mulch for your job.


Chocolate brown





Why buy wood shavings from Rapid Pallets?

As effective at sopping up small oil and gas spills as it is in giving your vehicle traction on an icy driveway or road, wood shavings are a multipurpose material that’s helpful to have on hand. We manufacture our wood shavings on-site for pick-up or delivery Monday-Friday.

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